Uncap the Power of Green Tea and Habits: Introducing the 32 Baar Formula Mug!

Upgrade your weight loss journey with a sip of inspiration: Say hello to the 32 Baar Formula Mug, your daily companion for a healthier, happier you! This sleek white mug isn't just about holding your favorite 250ml of green tea, it's a constant reminder of Savikar Bhardwaj's renowned 32 Baar Formula for weight loss.

More than just a mug, it's a visual coach: Imagine this: Every time you reach for your steaming cup, the bold "32 Baar Formula" printed on the side subtly encourages mindful eating habits. Remember to chew each bite 32 times, take your time to savor your meals, and embrace healthier choices.

Unleash the magic within: The 32 Baar Formula, popularized by Savikar Bhardwaj, goes beyond just green tea. It's about conscious eating, mindful portion control, and prioritizing natural, wholesome foods. This mug serves as a gentle nudge to implement these principles into your daily routine.

Not just for green tea, it's for every wellness warrior: Whether you're a green tea enthusiast or simply seeking a reminder to stay on track with your goals, this versatile mug is your perfect companion. Fill it with water, your favorite fruit-infused concoction, or even a warm cup of soup.

More than just a mug, it's a statement: Owning the 32 Baar Formula Mug is a declaration of your commitment to a healthier you.

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Green Tea Mug With 32 Baar Formula Printed Chamomile Flavour

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